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Request To Be Unbanned

If you are banned from CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers, please follow these steps:

- Try connecting again, to make sure you are really banned. Due to a bug, certain people can get a "You are banned from this server" message even though they aren't banned.

- If you or someone on your connection cheated or used a mod on the server, you will not be unbanned by request. You will have to wait for your ban to expire. You are responsible for anyone playing on your connection. DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM if you used a cheat!

- Read the rules! If you weren't banned for cheating, it was most likely for breaking one of the rules. Make sure you understand why you were banned.

- Don't request to be unbanned in the forums or on IRC. Be patient, unban requests can take a few days to process. You will receive a reply once you are unbanned. Even if you believe you were unfairly banned, evading a ban will only cause more problems.

Finally, please make sure you complete the form entirely. Try to include as much information as possible, like what you were doing at the time of the ban. If information is missing, we will not be able to process your unban request. Please note that your e-mail address is needed for reply purposes only, it will be kept private.

Nick in CnR / SA-MP:

E-Mail (IMPORTANT - Will be kept private):

Comments / Why you were banned:

If you don't include the correct Email address or In Game nick, you will not be unbanned.

Last Update: June 5th 2008

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