CnR Online Maps


Online Player Map

See the action on both servers live! You can keep track of players and see their information.

    - Colors indicate a players team (Blue = Cops) / Wanted Level (Yellow / Orange)
    - Numbers indicate a players level (cop rank / wanted level). I = innocent.
    - Click a player to get full information

Click Here for the Online Player Map
(Opens in a new Tab/Window)

Online House Map

House shopping? This is for you! Find houses to buy or rent and see where people live.

    - Select a city for which you want to see houses
    - Click a house to get full information

Click Here for the Online House Map
(Opens in a new Tab/Window)

San Andreas Satellite Map

See the entire city of San Andreas in a Google Maps satellite interface.
Zoom in with a surprising level of detail!

Click Here for the San Andreas Satellite Map
(Opens in a new Tab/Window)

Other Maps

Los Santos (LS) - Detailed Map of Los Santos

Red County (LS Country) - Detailed Map of Red County

San Fierro (SF) - Detailed Map of San Fierro

Las Venturas (LV) - Detailed Map of Las Venturas

Bone County (LV Desert) - Detailed Map of Bone County

San Andreas Complete - Detailed Map of San AndreasBIG

San Andreas Complete - Smaller Map of San Andreas, Thanks Psyra

Detailed Radar Mod - A Great Radar Mod For GTA San Andreas

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