If you've donated to CnR, first of all, thank you for helping support CnR. Donations keep CnR running, 100% of donations goes towards paying for server and website hosting.

Please remember that you are donating to help keep the servers running, you are not buying special features. Any extra features given to donators are an extra, and are at our discretion.

To prevent account abuse, players who donate less than 10$ will not receive a donating player level. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. You can still donate smaller amounts, knowing you're still helping the servers.

You can donate for other players, with separate donations. Make sure to specify their in-game nick (not yours) when you fill out the form.

Your donator status cannot be transferred to another account.

Fill out the following form to claim your donator status. The only information needed is the email address used to donate, and the in-game nick that should receive donator status.

Please note that it can take a while before you receive your donator status in-game. Please be patient until your donator status is processed and added. If you have not received your donator status after a month, be sure you have the correct information and fill out the form again.

Do not fill out the form if you have not donated. To Donate, Click Here.

Exact Nick in CnR To Receive Donator Status:

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Once again, thank you for supporting CnR.